Body Mind Spirit Expo

Twice a year, Desanka sets up at the Body, Mind Spirit Expo. This weekend long event has many different types of vendors from ancient healing traditions to new age technology in the holistic field. Desanka enjoys building relationships with our fellow vendors & getting to interact with people from all kinds of faith walks.

One Tribe Fest & Conscious Living Expo, is held in Raleigh, NC. It is designed to Unite and to help support community, businesses, healers and artists. Desanka has had an opportunity to become a part of this community in it's beginning, gaining favor & being a blessing to those in charge.


Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance

Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance is a family-friendly celebration of music, dance, art, and education. The music is soulful, ethnic and something you can't help but dance too. Desanka brings a kitchen as well as creates space to experience true heart to heart conversation and relationship.



Burning Nest is a celebration of human creativity, a spontaneous community and a place for radical self-expression. Held in the South of England, Burning Nest is a regional "Burn" in the family of Burning Man events across the planet. Desanka helps with set-up, break down, and brings a loving and caring atmosphere.

glastonbury Festival:  research trip

A rare, close up & personal music festival near Stonehenge in the middle of the Salisbury Plain landscape. Where you can walk among the stones themselves and experience the truly special ancient atmosphere of this area. 


In July, Desanka makes the trip to Hot Springs, NC for the Wild Goose Festival. The Goose is a 4-day Spirit, Justice, Music and Arts Festival. Our team sets up the village where we do ministry, feed anyone who needs a meal, spend time together & genuinely love all of the beautiful and unique characters who pass through our tents! Many of our Desanka team members also make up the Wild Goose Volunteer Staff. It is Desanka’s honor to just pour out love in the way of serving others and meeting needs wherever we find them. Come join us!

Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival

The Greensboro Summer Solstice sparks creativity in the community. Desanka has built relationships with the festival largely through volunteering.


Burning Man is an annual gathering where a temporary city is erected in the Black Rock Desert. This culture of art, communal effort, and individual acts of self-expression is for many, a way of life.


Hippie Tribe Fest was created to bring the community together, and to bring out the fun and free spirit in all of us.


More than 250,000 people come to Salem, MA for Haunted Happenings each year. A festive celebration of Halloween and fall lasting the whole month of October. There are all kinds of events, tours, street  fairs, contests, music & more! Desanka joins in the fun with costumes, a peaceful ministry tent, and free hugs, of course!!