We bring LIGHT and LOVE into the dark places of those who are seeking and give our lives away to love others right where they are.


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“Desanka” - Desanka is the Tshiluba (African) word for "joy, contentment, pleasure and gladness”. We believe Spirit has come to bring this gift of Desanka to every person the team encounters, and by our presence in festival communities across the globe, we aim to increase LOVE.
Creator God (Source) is always communicating with creation. Our Creator wants to connect with us more than we can understand or imagine.  
Our Desanka team is passionate about holding space for ourselves and all guests and strangers we meet: holding space to hear, understand, and connect with Spirit in a deep, meaningful way.
Our Desanka team originates in communities in North Carolina but has expanded in a big way as we serve in festivals and events across the country and globe. We come from an array of spiritual traditions, religious and non-religious backgrounds but have one thing in common - the Spirit of Truth & Love we have found in the person of Jesus. We find sisters and brothers in every place we go and in every expression of faith, and are always looking for new places to share this amazing Love with other seekers of truth and love.
We are here to give our lives away and to love others right where they are. Through hugs, listening ears, prayers, and even free food, we hope to give you something from God! We give DESANKA! Come. Receive. Be loved and love... the DESANKA way!



Thank you for participating with us through your generosity of financial provision. You are truly a part of the team. Some give their time & talents - others give their treasures. Thank you.

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